About Us

GOOD CHEAP FOOD began as a buying club in 1976 in a spare bedroom, moved to a windy summer kitchen, then to the basement of St. John's Church in Delhi, and finally to its present location, where it has grown into a full-service whole foods and specialty foods storefront.

GOOD CHEAP FOOD is committed to making good food available at reasonable prices, marketing locally grown and produced foods, and providing information on food and health issues.

The store sells bulk foods, including nuts, seeds, dried fruits, grains, pastas, flours, herbs and spices; packaged goods, including products for special diets; personal care items; and vitamins. We offer discounts of bulk and case orders and we special order for customers.

The store specializes in supplying organic produce throughout the year; during the Catskills growing season produce is largely local. We also sell local dairy products and locally raised, chemical-free, pastured and grass-fed meats.